Boosters Packages

Package Booster Pump Set Uni-pressure® Valve Systems

Flows to 3,000 gpm Heads to 515 ft. Horsepower 5 to 125 hp Single and multiple pump packaged pump­ing Systems complete with pumps, variable speed drives, valves, controls and necessary piping all mounted on a common base. Package eliminates complicated and ex­pensive field piping. Pumps are sequenced by controls to meet system demands. Sequence of operation and hydrostatic pres­sure test are performed prior to shipment. Unit responsibility for pumps, controls and fittings assures proper matching of system components and satisfactory start-up.

- Constant speed booster pump systems.
- Uni-pressure® valve pressure regulating systems.
- Vertical Hydro constant® variable speed drives.
- Packaged variable speed pumping systems.
- Electrical controllers for the above equipment.
Vertical Type VTM / VTP Flows 80 to 500 gpm Heads 69 to 474 feet Pressures to 400 psi Horsepower to 100 hp Temperature to 1150F Brochure B-2700 Close-coupled vertical tur­bine pumps with fabri­cated steel suction barrels. Packing or mechanical seals. High-pressure domestic water booster pumps.


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