Deep Well

The Peerless Pump vertical turbine provides a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical coverage. Peerless Pump offers many different material and design configurations; these numerous configuration options allow for custom-engineered construction tailored to suit your requirements. Maximum value, high efficiency and economical long-term pump performance are assured in each application.

Drives: ., Vertical electric motors, engines with right angles gears, combination gear drives, or vertical motors with variable speed drives.


Up to 100,000 gpm (2,273 m3/hr)


 Up to 2,500 feet (760 meters)


To fit the application


Up to 5,000 hp (3,730 kW)


Up to 180 of (82 °C)

Peerless Pump designs tough, versatile products to meet your pumping needs. Peerless vertical turbine pumps deliver variety, durability, standardized options and configurations unequalled in the industry. Please contact your local Peerless Pump sales office to find out more about vertical turbine pump options and prices.

They are also widely used in mining and agriculture, as well as for fire protection systems. Other uses include high temperature and high pressure applications, such as condensate systems.








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