Horizontal and Vertical split case pumps

For high service, booster, transfer and general service pumping. Options include packed or sealed types, 125# or 250# flanges, shaft sleeves, wearing rings, oil or grease lubrication, stainless steel shaft

Flow to :

40,000 gpm 2,520 l/s

Head to :

1,600 ft 488 m

Temp to :

300 F 140 C

For general purposes pumping in broad range of services. Horizontal single stage vertically split case centrifugal type. Packed or sealed types, close-coupled or frame mounted.

Sterling multi stage end suction pump :

Flow to :

1,100 gpm 70 l/s

Head to :

2,035 ft 630 m

Temp to :

381 F 180 C

In line pumps

Flows to 900 gpm Heads to 400 ft Temperature to 250ºF Suction and discharge on same center line. Optional pedestal for floor mounting. For general purpose water pumping and booster service. All iron or bronze fitted construction featuring back pull out design.



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