Standard Dimension ANSI Process Pumps :

Peerless / LaBour series ANSI standard process pumps are manufactured for a wide range of flow and head requirements and meet the latest ASME and ANSI B73.1M specifications
Peerless / LaBour ANSI process pump combines high efficiency , maximum performance , and extended mean time between failure (MTBF) for reduced maintenance cost. 

Certified Hydraulic Performance & specifications

Capacities : 4500 gpm
Heads : 730 ft 
Pressure : 375psi
Horsepower : 300hp
Temperature : 500 deg. F
Drivers : Motors , Engine , Steam turbine
Liquids : Chemicals , Pulp and paper , all process


Material of construction

Ductile Iron ,316SS, CD4MCu ,317SS ,Nickel,Alloy 20
Hostellers ,Zirconium ,Titanium


Peerless / LaBour process pumps will handle corrosive , toxic and abrasive process liquids such as acids , bases & solvents. The wide range of alloys, options & sealing systems makes it ideal choice for almost any application in Chemical , Petrochemical plant , Pulb & Paper , Plastic , Refining plant .

Vertical sump pump (VSP) , Slurry pump & Self priming pumps are available.



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