Waste Water

Vertical and horizontal mounted sewage lifting pumps are manufactured in UK and USA. These types of pumps are very high quality and heavy-duty sewage pumps. Starting form 30 Lit/Sec up to 1500 Lit/Sec sewage pumps are available for client's special needs. In the wastewater market, our Principals have lot of pumps still functioning allover the world since the nineteen forties without any problems.  

The Freestream is the first choice for handling solids, sewage and sludge. Described by some as "the most effective sewage pumps in the world" the Sterling SPP Freestream has been available for almost a decade and many hundreds are in operation throughout the world. The new Freestream range is available with a wider choice of configurations, enhanced specifications and more effective range coverage.

The Freeway storm water, sewage and solids handling range of pumps have established a reputation for efficiency and reliability amongst water authorities, municipalities, consulting engineers, water treatment contractors and industrial services.

The Freeway range is designed for installation in a dry well and some pumps are available as vertical or horizontal units. The vertical units are most frequently specified due to their space saving design. They can be arranged either as vertical direct mounted pumps or as vertical open shaft drive, with motor mounted on an upper floor.

Autoprime Vacuum Assisted:

Also we can supply vacuum assisted pumps. These pumps are rugged build for continuous hire fleet duties. It includes integral automatic priming system. Diesel or electric driven with highway wheeled chassis with lights, site wheeled chassis or skid base with integral fuel tank sized for extended running time. Sterling SPP's Autoprime range of mobile, multi purpose Vacuum Assisted pump sets are used extensively in a diverse range of applications by all sectors of industry. Designed, manufactured and dispatched directly from our own modern and cost effective production plants, our pumps offer modern innovative designs that accept the most challenging applications.

• Ground Water Control (Sump Pumping or Well Pointing)

• Sewage Over pumping

• Flood Pumping

• Emergency Service Pumping

• Ground Remediation

• Spoil Bag Stabilization

• Pipe Re-Lining

• Tank Sediment Cleaning

• Industrial Sludge Pumping

• Marine Ballasting

• Glass Sand Drying System


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